vendredi 6 mars 2015

The end of winter coat

It's cyclic, happens at the end of every winter, when obviously sales are over that I want to buy that last coat because I'm so so fed up of wearing the same outerwear for the past 6 months. 

This year, I'm also finally coming to term with the fact that my absolute favorite coat from Comptoir des Cotonniers is living its last season, no matter dry cleaning, regular strokes with my Perigot brush, the material is just getting more and more stale.   

So of course I'm trollling the stores and the net for that last winter saviour item. Have you noticed how every brands from cheap to unaffordable ones now offer coats in their spring collections? And I mean made up of actual wool... Guess fashion is finally catching up (a little) with this thing called seasons

I was quite smitten with a navy number seen at Zara but was unwilling to pay full price because Zara - as Miss Sophie rightfully observed- doesn't have the best quality track record these days. Boy, I was right not to. I found it for a 40 euros bargain on eBay and have been delighted to wear it for the past 3 weeks. Yet it's now already showing good signs of pillage and at this rate, it will be wearable till March 20th and not much more longer... Well, I'll enjoy it while it lasts.  

Anyway, what also factors in my end of winter outerwear craving is fantasy. I'm not the most excentric fashion centered blogger but there's something about being deprived of light for several months that triggers my attraction to colors and patterns. A navy coat is a lot more subtle, even if, for me it stands out and works quite easily with the rest of my mainly grey/black/camel clothes.

Work version: Zara coat / dress: Balenciaga  / Otk boots: Stuart Weitzman / scarf: COS / Bag: Céline

Day off version: Zara coat/ Sweater: Isabel Marant Etoile / Pants: Gap / Sneaker: New Balance / Bag: Balenciaga - necklace from Bénin.

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  1. lookin' good! glad to see that you still have the balenciaga city :) mine is getting better with the years!

    1. Thanks Miss Sophie! Even if the Bal is not the bag du jour it still is among my favorites!

  2. So funny, as soon as the temperature went above freezing I doubled up on my spring/fall coats instead of wearing my winter one, I was so tired of it! I would look at Uniqlo for coats. I have a cashmere/wool blend one that's held up nicely for 2 years now, of course it doesn't get nearly as much wear as my black winter one. It's my only navy coat and it does bring a little something different to an outfit, even if it's also kind of a basic color.

    1. I just put the heavy winter coat to storage except for one -in case of winter's back with a blast emergency so I do hear you!
      Uniqlo is pretty good for basic outerwear, my coat is also about the same age and it remains pristine. Navy (as well as camel) really do the trick for me, it's adventurous enough compared to the standard black/grey! Hehe!