dimanche 13 septembre 2015


My favorite season happens when summer's sunshine lingers yet the decline of temperatures unmistakably signals the arrival of fall.

To me it's the perfect weather, cool enough to allow more creativity and mixmatching and yet bare legs, sandals are still doable. 

If I could, I'd wear sandals all year long with everything and just add some knitwear or light outerwear when chilly.

Sadly, the period allowing this kind of mix is typically short and erractic. To my dismay it seems to have come and gone in the span of a week. Hoping that it pops up once more before the end of the month, I just don't feel like putting away my sandals and converting to tights just yet even if most of my summer clothes are already in storage!

To picture what I have in mind here are a few shots of half summer - half fall styles that recently caught my eyes on celebrities. 

Emma Watson: loose black and white classic ensemble uplifted by simple tan sandals.

Alexa Chung - wearing a cute ode to the 90's outfit: sweater over floral printed dress and sneakers. Again a touch of golden - suede- this time brightens up the look.

Emma Stone: love the kaki and grey mix with yet again that pop of warming tan leather.

4 commentaires:

  1. ahh stars living like the rest of us lol! I like the first and last looks.

  2. Haha! That's my favorite part of scrutinizing "stars" even if 99% of them have a stylist to dress them just to walk their dogs unlike us, mere mortals!

    1. even before i would choose a chef/driver I would pick a live in hair/makeup artists...but lets face I would expect them to cook & drive for me too! lol!

    2. Me too!! Letting the pros deal with my hair/makeup on a daily basis... I could get addicted to that!