samedi 5 septembre 2015

3 days

Sorry for the lack of posts. With summer coming quickly to end I'm taking a step back trying to get a clearer picture and channel what is really "me" in that flow of fashion stimulus we get at each change of season. In the meantime, here's what I wore the first 3 days of september. 

Day 1:

 jacket: Monoprix - blouse: H&M (new) - pants: Forever 21 - sandals: APC

Day 2:

cardigan: H&M (new) - blouse: COS - pants: Isabel Marant Etoile (new) - sandals : APC - bag: Céline

Day 3:

trench & linen tshirt : Zara - cords : Gap - sandals: APC - bag: Céline

4 commentaires:

  1. I just made a trip to the dry cleaners to drop off a few jackets and blazers, I'm kind of dreading the bill! It's so strange right now, we're still in the middle of a stifling heat wave but all the stores have their fall merchandise out, I'm sure this weather is not very good for retail.

    I've also been looking through my old blog archive (even considering picking up blogging again!) for some fall outfit inspiration since I haven't found runway shows inspiring recently, and 'street style' has become a total circus.

    Love your 'transition' season outfits, especially that last one, with the trench!

    1. Yes come back to blogging!! I really enjoyed your space, you made me crave for so many things I never knew I wanted!! Like the Margiela rings among other things! Haha!

      Oh I agree about street style, it's gotten so tedious to go through a string of "try hard to be noticed" styles to -maybe- find the inspiring gem!

      The dry-cleaner trip definitely marks the start of the season and I've been postponing it for a few weeks now but seeing the weather forecast for next week will push me to do it this week-end!

      And thanks for the compliments on my outfits!;))

  2. I'm so happy to have found your blog! I've been reading loads of your older posts over the past few days. I love your style and outfit combinations and you even make me miss living in Paris a little bit, haha.

    1. Aww, thanks Sartreuse! That's very kind!
      Totally get why you wouldn't miss living in Paris at all! Haha! Beyond the associated glam of the city of lights, life can get rough...