vendredi 21 août 2015

For your eyes only

Here are some of the first looks for late summer - early fall that caught my eyes in a few Paris stores (but most are available worldwide!).

Don't think I ever saw that much color and prints for the colder season. It's a welcome change, allowing to transition without drastically joining the dark side just yet! I have vague ideas of how I want to update my style and some of the looks displayed on mannequins sparked/confirmed known interests: 
  • for instance I'd really like to add a few red /rust based easy to wear items like a blouse or a knit, 
  • flat versatile footwear - like loafers and oxfords to wear not only with pants but with longer skirts/dresses, 
  • I'd also like to incorporate more graphic patterrns in my closet - dots, checks, houndstooth along with classic stripes. 

In Monoprix:

I'm not sure if I can pull off large, red and polka dots pants but they're funky! I'd wear them with a cosy grey knit and slip-ons as accessorized on the mannequin. 

The silhouette just behind in cropped jeans and white tee is far more basic but shots of red are always effective to inject some energy in a look.

The draped diamond printed knee length dress with golden oxfords is a brilliant idea! 

Stopped in my tracks for these silhouettes. 

The checked cardigan below could work well as a substitute for the classic beige trench. It's rather distinctive but the navy base would make it simple to coordinate: for the office with grey pants and boots or on a day-off with cropped jeans and loafers. 

Black and white, long black skirt and oxfords: what a lovely 90's throwback. I'd wear that total look as pictured, maybe add a black leather jacket and voilà. 

Grey, white and camel: still a winning combination!

 in Zara:

First hesitations coming up: camel or bordeaux? Both? None? Haha! This cocoon coat made my eyes go wide with envy early August but since then I saw so many other good coats, it's going to be -like every fall winter - a battle of will to limit my outerwear purchases!! 

in H&M:

I applaud the H&M creative team for trying to sell us their yellow clothes... It's a bit too flashy for my taste but the idea of associating vibrant with darker colors/houndstooth is noteworthy.

I've always loved jumpsuits despite their unpractical aspects. This one below is neutral (unlike the yellow above) enough to be dressed up or down, worn with loafers and a big cardi it would look so chic! 

I've noticed that the cropped flare jeans (here with the striped top and fake suede coat) is now mainstream with H&M offering a couple. I've tried one after seeing that post on Garance Doré and I'm still not sure if it's a good look on me, anyway in case of doubt I drop the idea. What do you think about that "new" cut? Have you tried it on? Bought one? The way it's styled here is not too bad either... 

Aside from these jeans, the wrapped kimono inspired black and blue Isabel Marant-ish jacket in the front caught my attention. It'd be a cool coverup piece for those late summer chilly mornings and evenings.

What have you seen in stores that you liked? Or do you plan to extend summer as long as you can and wait till the inevitable weather changes to put your head in the fashion game?  

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  1. I'm over summer, I hate that it's 90+ degrees the second I step out of work. I give a huge pass to yellow + houndstooth, but I am biased b/c they are 2 things I distinctly do not like. I think the printed dress + oxfords is so you. And also the checked cardigan, it looks like the color way would coordinate perfectly w/ your dries? oxfords, (with the flower/leaf motif on it??).
    In stores, I've been having luck @ F21. But tastes don't change, and I can admire the new colors (even rust!), but I know what I like and what will work on me so I don't deviate from my usual BLACK, black, and more black and preferred silhouettes. I still hate how ankle/cropped pants have become the norm. So hard to find a pant for flats w/ atleast a 30 in. inseam. Now when it comes to makeup and lipstick colors that's when I get more entranced by new styles. I could easily waste HRS analyzing the nuances of nyx dupe colors.

    1. Can't say that I'm over summer yet (we're not having that kind of extreme temperatures anymore) but the anticipation for fall is starting to kick in with my attention more focused on furnitures and decorating rather than fashion...
      True! I'm crushing on a lot of things but in the end I know I may pick a thing or 2 at best to shake things up a bit but there won't be any style revolution happening!
      You're the one who put F21 on my shopping radar, I was kind of disdaining it because it felt too "brat" (those plastic neon pink shopping bag! awful!!) when they also have more ""grown up" styles too that are pretty well made.

    2. wait you have pink shopping bags?? that's an improvement to the yellow ones in US.

    3. Oh we have the yellow too!! Forgot about them because in the street where I work my eyes can't help falling on the bright pink ones!

  2. That COS cardigan! I have one in navy from last year, and i adore it - it's like a coat for summer weather and it makes my slobbiest outfits look sharp and chic. One of the best things I've ever bought from COS. I love that checked pattern as well but I know it's one of those things that I'll find too distinctive and too much of a statement to wear every day.

    I occasionally crave a punch of colour too, which is why I have a pair of rust red jeans from a few years ago to scratch that itch. I don't wear enough colour to justify buying more of it, but I think one or two basics in a fresh colour makes all the difference for the the days where you'll feel bored looking at the usual colours. I love rust red and hope you find something you like!

    It's been so hot that I just keep rotating between line shifts and tank dresses, and shorts on weekends, and my eye keeps being drawn to simple tanks and tees, and I wear my Converse with everything because it makes everything feel fresh, even a chic black dress. I've also started working out more so I've become attracted to exercise clothing as well and have become one of those irritating women who walk about in their workout leggings.

    1. That cardigan was hard to miss, such an amazing piece! Glad you still cherish yours, this checked version would look so good on you! I like how COS reproduces a good portion of their collection season after season.
      I'm in awe of women in their sportswear in the city, of course they're always the gorgeous and already very fit one! So unfair! Haha! Makes me want to work out more!

  3. Big thing I bought for fall are these:
    Will pretty much be wearing monastic black clothing and lots of eyeliner with them, early 80's Sade style

    1. Oh wow! the hoops are stunning, I love classic jewelry with an edge like that!
      I admire you for having already such a clear idea of your style this fall! Sade's style was so powerful, it's still on our minds decades later!

  4. I totally regret not purchasing a pair of oxfords I saw in Cos last year, and now that one of my work shoes - an old pair of DSquared patent leather loafers - is officially dead (as in, my favorite cobbler just looked sad and shook his head and said not even he could save them at this point, lol), I have an excuse to buy a pair of work shoes so I'll definitely keep my eye out for some oxfords.

    I love the color mustard but it looks terrible on me!

    I can't do a cropped flare (too short) but I have some flared JBrand jeans that I might take another look at this fall!

    Unfortunately I also need a new winter coat so I should probably prioritize that before anything else, if winter this year is anything like last!

    1. You've truly used your shoes to the core! It's actually rare that it happens (to me). But yeah when something falls apart, I also see it as a good excuse to shop for a substitute!
      By the way,not sure if this is the same model you're refering to but I was at Cos and saw last year's models of oxfords (one is a classic style and the other one with some kind of wedge/platform?).
      Hopefully there can't be two awful winters in a row, non? Still it's always best to be prepared...

  5. I've been away from Paris all summer after finishing up my teaching job back in May and sent pretty much everything back to the US. While I was gone, I implemented a mini 333 project so that I could whittle down the weight of my suitcases...With that said,Monoprix is killing it though. That dress in the front with the oxfords is beautiful.

    I'm happy to see that Camel and Marsala(Bordeaux) is back in vogue. I've been lusting after your uniqlo camel coat for years and still upset that I missed picking up my own. I'm on the search for a vintage one this fall. Also, I'm excited to see the Christophe Lemaire x Uniqlo collection when it hits stores in October!

    1. I feel that (summer) holidays is the best time to start that kind of minimizing one's closet project. Even if it's not necessarily of your own free will ... It's paradoxically freeing to limit your pick of clothes. So does it mean you're done with Paris? Or that sending back your clothes is a good excuse to start a fresh new closet?

      Judging by the number of camel coats I've seen this early in the season, I'm pretty sure that you'll luck out and find the one for you!!

      Have you checked the items from the Lemaire x Uniqlo? If not the link is here:
      I really really like a few pieces (long belted dress, knit skirt, a-line sweater...) but don't want to get too excited/get my hopes up for it because I can foresee the in store crazyness already and I'm so not willing to handle it.

    2. I was applying for grad school this past spring and the programs for my formation in M1 are selective- 400+ applicants for 20-40 spots was not uncommon unfortunately- so given that, I wasn't ready to leave behind my stuff while I was traveling in Asia this summer if I didn't get in anywhere so I sent most of my clothes home. But I got one of my top choices so I'll be moving back to Paris (tomorrow actually!). Now to look for an apartment...XD

      I really like my wardrobe overall. I've been moving between countries a lot in recent years so I tend to not have a lot in general but the 333 project with a combination of the Konmari method was a good way to sort out what I've actually been wearing and stuff that I was willing to keep at my parent's house back in the States. Now I have only maybe 3-5 pieces left back in the states-mainly more formal clothes and a heirloom dress. Everything else is in my suitcase.

      Yes, I agree! I hope that I can luck out this season! And yes, I've checked out the collection from Uniqlo online via NyMag's the Cut. I think the sweaters look lovely. And ditto about the crowds at Uniqlo. I've tried going on a weekday at an odd time of the day with no big sale and there is still crazy crowds.

    3. Bravo!! That's already a fantastic accomplishment to be chosen in such a selective program!
      So welcome back to Paris and good luck with the apartment hunting! At least you won't be burden like me with the task of downsizing your clothes stock when moving in!! Haha!