vendredi 14 août 2015

Last days of summer

Countdown to fall is already starting even if it's still summer for another month!

Here are a couple of pictures that struck me lately, showing women dressed fashionably but you also get the sense that the goal is not to show off at all costs the stylist's ability at mix and match. It's not about pushing forward the model or the items she's wearing but a combination of both. That balance is quite rare to find in most fashion images for obvious marketing/advertising or (supposedly) artistic purposes and I find it disheartening.  

Anyway back to subject. What compelled me to save and share these images is that the looks are dressed down/ casual but also womanly, elegant and definitely not sloppy.
Yes, it's summer, it's hot, sunny (if you're lucky that is!) however don't want to forfeit style and "decorum" especially when in the city. I'd happily live in flip flops and shorts and not give a damn about it if not living in an urban environment. That's not the case so I liked how these two images show a few ideas that can easily be duplicated:

  • Yes to a total look with loose airy clothes (no volume on top but slim below or vice-versa rule applied here) but the falsely nonchalant tucked/untuked styling trick avoids the shapeless, tent like issue.
  • the gradation of chambray - darker and lighter - and hints of white is a subtle interpretation of the usual white and blue summer colors duo. 
  • The oversized blouse unbutonned revealing a bit of shoulder and underneath tank top is both mannish and sexy. 

(Eileen Fischer)

  • café au lait tank top is equally a statement especially on darker skin, 
  • wearing a pencil midi skirt that is not too thight and reaches below the knee adds a bit of retro glamour especially teamed with a hairstyle reminiscent of the 1920's, 
  • but the trendy bucket bag clearly dates the look to summer 2015.
  • Here again the colours are muted, earthy, sandy tones dominating and a white skirt with graphic accents simply brings the whole look to a new level of chic.
  • I like how in both pictures, jewelry and accessories are almost absent. It's been one of my habits this summer keeping baubles to a strict minimum - even more than usual that is, so just earrings and that's about it! 

T NY magazine

Just the kind of quiet elegance that I long for.

4 commentaires:

  1. Both women look so refreshing and cool in their ensembles--I especially like the skirts in these pictures.

    1. True! The skirts make such an impact, typically classics with a twist clothes that can be worn time after time without getting dated.

  2. The absence of jewellery - I do this a lot. I find myself trying to accessorise and then at the last minute, ditching the piece I intended to wear. I'm not sure if this is because I'm so used to not wearing jewellery now that when I put something on, it's a bit alien to my eyes and so I have to take things off again.

    1. Same. Quite funnily, I truly love jewelry, especially now with the new wave of designers making very original but delicate pieces which I have been looking up for my coming bday. But yes, right this moment, wearing any jewelry just doesn't feel right... Must be a summer thing though, pretty sure when temperatures fall and grey skies come back that I'll bring back a bit more accessories in the game!