dimanche 2 août 2015

Monday to Friday

When putting together how I'll dress for work, I usually take in consideration:

- the weather forecast,

- the schedule for the day: clients coming over, going to Court, office lunch, after work meetings... 

- my mood and what's influencing me: I'm often drawn to ensembles without any superfluous details but I don't want to feel bored either so I'll try to inject an interesting detail (color, print, cut, an accessory, etc. something with personal meaning that pleases my senses.   

The goal is to feel at ease while looking a bit more"polished" than usual...

The environment is business casual at the law office I work in, there are no strict rules to follow and in the summertime when rendez-vous are scarce, a little "laisser-aller" is allowed.

Overall my professional attire consists of items I usually wear when not working but paired in a different manner. Say a loose tshirt but with tailored pants, an african printed skirt with a button down shirt, etc.

I'll try to make every clothes I own appropriate for work in order to avoid having clothes labelled only for certain days. It also decreases the frustration of having "nothing proper" to wear 5 days a week when in fact my drawers and closets are full!

Only items crossed out for workwear - much to my chagrin - are sneakers / Birkenstock, my beat-up Isabel Marant boots and very casual jeans (from time to time, especially in fall-winter I'll cave and wear a dark blue/black one).

Even if the dynamic and process are steady year-round, when it's hot I tend to let myself go more to the casual side. What's your take on workwear fashion in the summer? What are you struggling with?

Here's a recap of  what I wore from last monday to friday to the office.

Monday: I wanted to wear something smart to start the week because we had clients meetings at the office. As always it had to be practical as well because the weather was cool and wet. I really like how that jacket is conservative but fun just because of stripes.

striped blazer : Uniqlo/ top : Marks and Spencer / pants: Zara / pointy ballet flats: Jonak / bag: Céline

Tuesday: Despite temperatures remaining cool, no more drizzle so open toes sandals are back. There was no real "plan" for the day's outfit, I just wanted something that'd keep me warm enough with a summery vibe so I relied on one of my favorite palette mix of white, light blue and grey.  

coat and scarf: Zara / top: H&M / pants : Gap / wedge sandals: APC / bag : Céline

I was supposed to meet a friend after work so I wanted a look that would be office appropriate but also funkier for a few drinks in any hip Paris spot. 
Mixing prints doesn't come to me naturally however putting a plain black jacket with the black and white printed blouse felt too austere so I "dared" putting stripes and dots together.

Striped blazer: Uniqlo / blouse + pants: H&M / sandals: Dries van Noten / Bag: Céline

Thursday: It was one of those morning when it's so so hard getting out of bed and you just wish it was already the week-end. Good thing I had already picked up my outfit the night before! I hesitated a bit going to work in that ensemble because I felt it was a bit too casual with the linen tshirt and chino pants but it would have been a case of "change and be late" so I decided to stick with it.        

linen blazer: Uniqlo / tshirt + pants: H&M / sandals: APC / bag bought in Cotonou

Friday: Can you tell it's Friday? Haha! I just didn't know what to wear. Seriously tried 2 outfits before giving up and picking this one. At that point it was a case of "just put something on - anything and go!!". I actually took the pic in the evening back from work...

bomber: H&M - tshirt: Isabel Marant Etoile - pants: Forever 21 - sandals: APC - bag: Céline 

Hope everyone had a good week and is ready for the one to come - especially for those of us not on vacations!

11 commentaires:

  1. I think the stripes w/ polka dots worked well.
    With the summer it's a struggle is dressing for the 4:00 rainstorms and knowing that the parking lot floods. I'm indoors all day, so the 90+ degree heat doesn't affect me.

    1. So it's really the same everywhere with rainstorms happening around the time you're about to leave work! It's sunny and hot all day while inside and just when you're off, it rains!Haha!
      I sometimes have those foldable ballet flats in my bag and of course a little umbrella for those summer showers.

  2. I think it's always very difficult to gauge an outfit for the weather especially if you leave the house quite early and you have no real indication of how it's going to turn out during the day. But I think you look comfortable, cool and appropriate for work. The spots and stripes work well - I've only ever tried that with a stripy top and a spotty scarf which are not so noticeable.

    1. Surprisingly my phone's weather forecast is quite accurate! ;))
      Oh it's (often) a pain to think and plan an outfit for the workday but it helps me to relax my control freak personality to know that it's one aspect of my life that I have an actual grip on.

    2. I agree, Sue. I used to commute to London from Brighton to work. It would be freezing at 6.30am by the seaside, but by the time I was at work, the weather had completely changed. I had no way of telling. I used to just carry lots of options with me.... I was a bag lady.

  3. I think the Friday outfit works perfectly, even though you say you it was an indecisive choice! I love a bomber jacket because they can be casual for during the day, and work really nicely over a smart dress with heels. I have one from Whistles I got in the sale, and I could seriously wear it all the time!

    1. Thanks Ellie! Agree about the bomber adding interest to most outfits. I especially remember seeing a pic of an older lady wearing an embroidered Isabel Marant bomber with such style and grace at a fashion week.

  4. Lovely outfits! Your comment about trying to find items that you can wear for work and for other occasions is definitely one of my main considerations when I shop. It's probably one of the hardest criteria to satisfy in my opinion as my career has progressed. When I taught in Korea, it was definitely more formal (closer to Monday/Tuesday outfits but M-F for me) but then I had to relax my attire considerably in France without looking like one of my students, which meant no jeans but I also stopped wearing my pencil skirts because it was too formal. It's been interesting trying to find a balance.

    1. Thanks ! What an interesting perspective: how a geographic/cultural change certainly implies a modified dress-code.
      Oh your comment reminds me of a conversation I had with someone in my family who is a teacher as well about staying yourself while maintaining the age/formality barrier. She is and looks pretty young so she had the same fashion reflexes as you (no jeans/sneakers...)!

  5. First thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check the weather forecast! It will determine my footwear for the day, mostly, there's nothing more uncomfortable than wet socks or feet :( There's very few crossover with my work/weekend wardrobe, I have a certain number of trousers and a certain number of shirts that will get me through the week. Kind of like a uniform, which is nice, but then again the engineering department is pretty lax with dress code, but fortunately not as lax as Google, where I hear employees can go to work in their pajamas? Gross! Lol..

    1. Sorry for the long delay to publish/answer your comments, hadn't received any notification from blogspot!
      Agree about footwear being essential especially when you're a pedestrian! I hate wet feet too...
      Honestly those Californian 2.0 workplaces seem creepy in a cult like way, maybe I'm too old/conservative but all that happy-ish laidback -come as you are- environment sound like total bullshit!