mercredi 13 janvier 2016

I really love my

& Other Stories chelsea boots.

They had me when I saw them on the brand's eshop back in September 15, so much so that I saved their picture on my PC's wishlist folder.  

When I saw them in real life last december, the last pair and in my size, I didn't hesitate and brought them back home.

They're tough, rugged, their high shaft elongating the legs, the tab at the back, the serrated sole with that all-terrain aesthetic. I love their simple, practical design. 

I feel good and badass wearing them with skinny jeans tucked in.

One of my best footwear purchase in 2015.

2 commentaires:

  1. Chelsea boot is a classic! I have an old pair of Miu Mius that I love, but city life is so tough on shoes since I walk everywhere. I've had them re-soled once already and it's almost time for another.

    I love the rugged tread of yours. I don't know if they dump salt/sand on the streets in Paris when it gets icy, but that's another thing that's tough on shoes!

    1. True, walking a lot too and yes, Paris streets are treated with salt and sand (not on a regular basis, it's less icy than North East USA) making shoes suffer. That's why you got to have several pairs! At least, that's my justification when shopping. Haha!