vendredi 15 janvier 2016

Winter uniform # 1

At one point during the season, I'm going to turn to one of my uniform. I have a few oufits that I replicate all the time. I'll play it up with differents accessories and new purchases of course but at the core it stays the same.  

There's the winter work uniform: it's my professional go-to outfit for when I just don't know what to wear or I'm too tired/in a hurry to think of an original look. 

I came up with it (unknowingly) since acquiring the Uniqlo coat back in fall 2013, it kind of fell into place once I had it.

The look is very basic and minimal designed to fit my corporate environment. In terms of colors, it's camel and either black or gray, as for cuts: a very classic trench coat, straight pants and footwear is high heeled boots. 

It's such an easy combination, no "creative thinking" involved - the most dangerous process (at least for me) when you're trying to figure out what to wear and have to rush to get your subway commute on time.

Last Thursday was my first take at the uniform this year but certainly not the last!

coat: Uniqlo / scarf: Acne Studios / pants: Gap / boots: Colisée de Sacha / bag: Céline

Here below some proof over the last couple of years that I'm a uniform "repeat offender"!

March 2015:

And March 2014, shot by Jade on Place de la République for after-work drinks!

Do you have a "uniform"? Is it for a specific situation, like I had a 'going out' uniform back when I used to go out a lot more or a date outfit. Now it's basically work/not work uniforms! Haha! Please share!

4 commentaires:

  1. I'm all for uniforms. The camel coat + camel scarf is perfect on you. My work uniform tends to be black tee, cardigan, pants, and flats.

    Seeing your posts makes me miss Paris and its beautiful buildings and those cup/ball hustlers. lol!

    1. Yes, saves so much time and energy to rely on a solid simple uniform, especially for work.

      I'm such a blasé Parisian, when I see these "game" hustlers all I think is "Huh, really?! Who's stopping for this con?" Haha! But I get that nostalgia feeling, hope that you'll be able to make it back soon and we'll meet this time!:))

  2. That coat is such a rich honey brown (or what it looks like on my monitor, anyway.) it suits you!

    1. Thanks Kristina! Sorry for the late reply, don't seem to have received a notification, bad!