vendredi 24 janvier 2014

The neglected

One of the motivation behind my shopping hiatus of a kind came from being aware of the quantity of clothes and accessories, I disdain in favour of the current darlings or because I simply don't think about the items buried under the heavy on rotation ones. It's not that I don't like them or they'd be put up for sale or given away.

It's just a matter of reaching for the easy and fresh, in place of the ones that are already burdened with countless wear and associations and so, don't garner the same level of excitement than at the beginning or the ones I am at a loss to find a different manner to wear.

So considering these "struggles", I decided to dig up items I rarely wear to give them a shot.

First, the red boots: I've had them for more than 3 years now and of course I used to wear them a lot the first years but I noticed that I barely wore them since last fall winter preferring brand new hot shoes.

So Monday, as I was about to reach once again for my grey sneakers, I chose instead to give the red boots a spin.

The complete black and grey outfit I was wearing suddenly lost its very casual aspect and even if I relinquished a bit of comfort, the red heels made me feel more pulled together and stylish than the sneakers would have and sometimes a little ego boost is what you need to get you through the first day of the week.

coat/manteau: Comptoir des Cotonniers - sweater/pull: h&m - cords/ pantalon velours côtelé: Gap - scarf/écharpe: Dries van Noten - boots: C. Petula - bag/sac: Céline

The H&M striped t-shirt dress on the other hand is a recent addition. It was one of my favourite spring 2013 purchase and instead of putting it away with the rest of the warmer season clothes, I kept it, thinking I'd wear it in the fall.

Except I didn't and it just sat there folded. I'd wear constantly the same wool dresses but was a bit sceptical about this cotton one: It was so obvious to wear it with ballet flats and a trench cover-up in spring/summer but how to winterize it? Wouldn't I get cold in it? And worse winter fashion nightmare: wouldn't it plaster against the tights, rising up the hem till my navel? You know, when static just screws with your outfit and drives you crazyyy.

But today, no fumblings, I just wore it. A good thermal underneath, a warm cardigan over, opaque "heattech" tights, sensible shoes and a longer coat to remain decent (just in case) and it went very well. No wardrobe malfunction to report.

dress/robe + cardigan: h&m - coat/manteau + tights/collants: Uniqlo - shoes/chaussures: Dries van Noten - bag/sac: Céline

I used to be so radical about things but now even if I can still be cut-throat editing what goes and stays,  I'm more careful to really think through the eviction process...
Do you give a spin to neglected items in your closet once in a while or do you consider that if not worn for a certain amount of time, it simply has to go (even if you still have some affection for it)?

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  1. some times I'll wear a "problem" piece one more time, that way the aggravation of it is fresh in my mind. Other things I'll wait until I feel compelled to get rid of them. I know I have things I'm lucky if I get to wear them once year, as long as I keep that stuff few and far in between, I don't consider it wasteful. It's a fun treat to have those special pieces to turn to.

    1. Ha I like your technique to get a fresh idea of the problem on some clothes! I just did that with a skirt and I'm now 200% sure it has to go! I'm realizing reading your comment that I don't really have "special" pieces anymore, I used to but got rid of most of them precisely because of lack of wear.

  2. I agree, some things are worth a second chance! Sometimes wearing something I have neglected for a long time convinces me it's a mistake and it really had to go, but other times I remember why I thought it made sense to buy it at the time.

    1. Yes, there are pieces filling spaces I barely give attention to. Instead of adding more "new" stuff, taking a step back and considering what is there already is an opportunity either to clear some room or to rekindle with old flames!

  3. Totally agree - I have to many items in my wardrobe which I pigeonhole in to summer/winter categories and really they could be used across the year if I tried that little bit harder. Infact, I'm going to take something from this and see what I can dig out in the next week or so. I'm trying for a slightly more frugal February and try to rediscover some lost loves.

    1. That's a great idea! With helpful thermal underwear and/or appropriate outerwear, it's easier to break down the seasons barrier and bring a bit of style freshness without buying something new.