lundi 16 juin 2014

Private sales - ventes privées

Blouse brodée "Buny" Isabel Marant Etoile (vendu)
couleur crème
taille 36
En excellent état, pas de trou, tâche, aucun défaut
en coton
mesures approximatives: longueur 51 cm/ épaules 40 cm/ largeur poitrine 55 cm/ Manches: 54 cm
prix boutique 260 euros
170 euros + FDP (6 euros en Colissimo pour la France)
Paiement par virement bancaire ou Paypal

"Buny" embroidered blouse by Isabel Marant Etoile (sold)

size 36
Creme color
in excellent condition, no holes, tears, stains. No defects.
In cotton.
approximative measurements: length 51 cm/ shoulders 40 cm/ Bust 55 cm / sleeves length: 54 cm
Retail price 260 euros
170 euros +  shipping fees
Payment by bank  transfer or Paypal

Baskets New Balance pour Comptoir des Cotonniers (vendu)
running modèle 420
pointure 38 mais ce modèle taille petit, convient plus à un 37 ou petit 37,5 maximum
En excellent état, très peu portées car un peu juste pour mon 37,5 -38
Mesures approximatives: longueur semelle extérieur 27 cm / semelle intérieure: 24 cm
Prix boutique 90 €
70 € + FDP (8 euros en Colissimo pour la France)
Paiement par virement bancaire ou Paypal

New Balance for Comptoir des Cotonniers sneakers (sold)
size 38 but these model runs small, fits a 37 or 37,5 tops
Approximative measurements : outer sole 27 cm / inner sole: 24 cm
retail price 90 euros
70 € + shipping fees
Payment by bank transfer or Paypal


 crédit: comptoir des cotonniers

crédit : comptoir des cotonniers

6 commentaires:

  1. The IM blouse is so pretty! If you do intend to sell the white embroidered blouse, please let me know! :)

    1. I know! IM does the most beautiful blouses really (among other things)! I debated a lot over keeping the beige since I finally got the white one: it felt "too much" to have 2 similar blouses but since no one seems interested in this beauty, I'll certainly keep both in the end! I don't think I'll sell the white one, at least not in the near future, I spent so much time searching for it but I'll keep you in mind if I change my mind! ;))

    2. Thanks Aissa!

      I love the ivory one you sold me, still love it very much.. I hope to find another exact white! Have a great summer!!

    3. Thanks! oh yeah, yet another IM blouse that is on heavy rotation when summer comes! I'd recommend you to check Vestiaire Collective, that's where I found both blouses... ;)

    4. I am sure you will get great use from the 2 blouses.. looking forward to your summer outfits. I had the Buny and it is so pretty. Unfortunately the sleeves didnt work for me. But the embroidered one is perfect on all counts!

    5. That's too bad about the Buny. It's so annoying when you fantasize about an item only to realize it's not working for you.