vendredi 26 juin 2015

Long short story

(Eileen Fisher's Instagram)

So back to fashion.

You know what I want to wear right now... Shorts.

The thing is I usually dislike wearing shorts in the city: too much skin out, too many bacteria outside, too much unsolicited attention, too laidback. 

Still the big advantage remains that legs get some fresh air and let's be honest skirts and dresses are cute and all but you kind of have to pay attention - to how you sit and get up, to tricky sudden winds (cf. Marilyn), etc.- to make sure that, put bluntly your undies remain out of sight.

Shorts on the other hand grants you some freedom, no worries of "wardrobe malfunction".

So I couldn't think of a better option to reconcile the slightly germaphobe / rolling eyes at gawking men (mostly) / elegance snob in me than a bermuda or now fashionably named "long shorts".

I truly started to "see" them and appreciate their potential last summer looking at Dries van Noten's collection. The way shorts were styled with softly tailored items, loose romantic blouses, steady heels completely won me over. 

(Dries van Noten summer 2014 via Vogue UK)

Of course even after being mega reduced, the Dries ones were still way too expensive for me, considering that shorts season in France is well, short!  

Flashforward to summer 2015 and I'm noticing that a lot of budget friendlier brands now offer bermuda in their collections so the lookout starts. 

Ideally, the shorts I envisioned for me should have a loose, wide cut, in a supple but not too thin /transparent material like tencel or lyocel, side pockets and would just hit above the knees, color wise: a dark shade (black, grey, navy) would do.

While trying on a few many shorts, I observed that getting the right fit and proportions are key. Too tight in my opinion defeats the air circulation purpose, also I find that a bit room with clothes in general works better with my silhouette, but too wide looked clownish on my average 168 cm height, same goes for the length, a few centimeters above or below the knee really make a difference.

First, I was eyeing these COS silky bermuda which I really really like, but at 89 euros that's still very steep for shorts... Plus silk... Wouldn't they be too fragile? I wonder... So no.


Then these And Other Stories shorts (55 euros) seemed pretty good - dressier than the COS and closer in spirit and cut to the Dries ones - until I reached the composition part: 100% polyester. Not happening. Especially for summer clothes when breathing materials are a must. Again no.

Long story short, after many negative changing rooms sessions, I may have found the ones that will satisfy me from French brand Promod (here) right on time for the expected heat wave next week!

2 commentaires:

  1. Christophe Lemaire makes some really great shorts, but I guess the price point is only slightly better than Dries! I remember Garance Dore when she was still dating The Sartorialist she used to borrow his shorts and cuff them and it looked really cute, I can't remember if the post was on his or her site though.

    I guess good thing about the US is when it gets too hot just find the nearest store and hang around under the A/C for a little bit, lol.

    1. Have major AC envy especially in public transports and the office.
      It's funny because as much as I like what he does, checking Lemaire's not a reflex... for pricing reason as you stated. Have your heard about his fall collab with Uniqlo? Haven't been anticipating a collection that much since the IMxHM!
      I've given up on shorts shopping again! Till next summer? haha!